I have always loved children and their amazing energy and I worked as a nursery assistant before becoming a nanny to a toddler during my years studying Law at university. This was such a fulfilling job and taught me so much about how important it is that children have the confidence to express themselves freely, and are given the tools and resources to expand their minds even from a very early age. Kids learn through play and giving them the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of experiences and environments allows them to better make sense of the world around them.


When I became a mum 3 years ago, I had the opportunity to put all that I had learned into practice, and like most mums, I feel a huge responsibility to ensure my daughter becomes a well-rounded, happy, and conscientious individual who cares about other people as well as herself. 

Apart from giving her all the love in the world, I feel it is my duty to expose her to all the wonderful things life has to offer, and so we go on little adventures every day, cook different types of food together, go on long walks outside, we meet up with other mums and their little ones and when at home, I read lots of books to her, make up little stories and songs and get creative with arts & crafts and different activities that stimulate her imagination.


Another big part of our week since my daughter was 2 months old has been to go to baby and toddler classes, and we tend to still go to a couple a week. These classes are a great way to take the pressure off me for a little while, and allow her to mix with other kids her own age and get involved in some different activities. I created Laugh and Learn for this reason. I know how important such classes are as a way to keep toddlers busy on long days and to the sanity of mums everywhere! It was also a great way to ensure I spend the maximum amount of time possible with my daughter during these formative years.


I did, however, want to create something different and, after extensive research into the cognitive development of toddlers and through my experiences working with children and having my own child, decided to start classes that were not just fun but also informative for little ones, and that encouraged curiosity and stimulated awareness. I developed hundreds of songs and activities that were specific to this age group and that provide the fun and interest they need. These songs and activities form the basis of Laugh and Learn!


*** I have a background in Law and have an Enhanced-DBS check.