It's all about Family!

We come to the end of our first week of the family theme and it has been so much fun! We have sung songs about family, learned about different family members and made some beautiful and very creative family trees with cut-out hands. The kids all added glitter and stars to their trees (with some help from their mums!) and they were particularly sparkly and lovely by the end! My daughter's picture is up on her wall in her room and it's a great opportunity to point out all the names of everyone in the family, especially as she gets older. We are continuing this theme for one more week, with lots of news songs, and a different art activity so the kids can add to the pictures on their walls! I have loved meeting lots of new mums and their little ones this week, everyone has got so involved and been so enthusiastic which creates a brilliant atmosphere in the classes! I hope to see you all next week for more laughing and learning! Nina x

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